online professional mastering services

  • As well as mastering we can also offer production work.  We utilise sophisticated multi track programmes and wide ranging plug-ins to give your project the professional touch.  Perhaps a mix isn’t quite coming together, you’ve been working too closely with a project and need an objective view, or you just want your 4track demos cleaned up and mixed in a professional environment.  Sometimes just a critical ear and a bit of advice is all that is needed, we can offer that service. 

  • We can import your projects into Logic Pro X, a powerful multitrack DAW, with more than enough capability to turn your projects into solid professional mixes.  Working at 24bit/96Khz rates gives the audio an extra clarity and distortion free sound.  We can work with most sound formats including Wav, Aiff.

  • We utilise several professional plugins including:
  • UAD, Waves, Plugin Alliance, Weiss, Soundtoys,