online professional mastering services

  • Using our extensive restoration tools, we can breathe life back into otherwise damaged and noisy material.  Old recordings don’t have to have historical importance to warrant being cleaned up, often they can be of personal sentimental value.  That old tape collection, classic vinyl not reissued on cd, a live recording of a concert or play, still difficult to listen to because of the unwanted noise.  Audio restoration can give that material a new lease of life on CD, guaranteeing it provides pleasure for many years to come.

  • Home movies can suffer from inbuilt inferior microphones, potentially ruining a special moment captured on video.  Clean up your videos with our restoration package, ensuring your memories sound as crystal clear as they look.

  • Tape hiss, pops, crackles and hum can all be eliminated using our restoration software.  Unwanted artifacts in live recordings such as audience coughs, chairs moving can be removed using spectrum editing.  This involves literally editing the frequency spectrum of the material, giving us surgical precision.

    • All restored material will be recorded onto Red Book standard CDs.