• At Sonicmastering we treat every track on an individual basis.  We do not have a “one preset for all” approach to your tracks, rather a critical professional assessment of each tracks needs.  We will spend as long as necessary in creating the right mastered tracks for the project to work as a whole. Our engineers will listen through to your tracks before deciding if and when to apply the appropriate dynamics.

  • Eq, multiband compression/limiting, audio restoration tools and a good pair of ears can all be applied to ensure your tracks receive the best attention.  We master in the digital domain using 24bit/96Khz technology.  Material is only dithered down to 16bit/44.1Khz at the very last stage before the burning process, to ensure sonic clarity and high quality throughout.

  • We will supply your mastered material on two cds.  The first will be a Taiyo Yuden Gold Master for use at the replication factory.  Please do not play this at any time on your home system, it is purely for replication purposes.  The second cd is an Evaluation copy, or listening cd.  Please ensure you listen through this cd thoroughly for glitches and dropouts, as we can accept no responsibility once cds have been manufactured.  We can supply a new Master cd if there are problems(see rates page for price).

  • We will provide cd reports with both Absolute and Relative timings, for the replication factory and cd covers respectively.

  • We can also supply your mastered mixes as DDP filesets, which most duplication houses now require as standard.

Please provide the source material as an audio cd or more preferably a 24bit data file.  If you have a reference cd you would like us to use when mastering your material, either send us a copy with your original cds or tell us what it is and we will endeavor to find it in our cd library.