professional mastering services


What format should i supply the source material on?

Either an audio or data cd/dvd. If you send a cd, we would prefer a data cd with files stored as 24bit wavs. Sampling rates of up to 192khz can be used.
Our main preference is for you to upload your 24bit files via our secure transfer server, as we can start work on them straight away.
Your mastered material can be downloaded for your approval before a master Gold cd is sent out, or a DPP file sent.

What is the Final Master supplied as?

The final master is supplied on the highest quality Taiyo Yuden Gold Master CDR. This is for reproduction only. You will be supplied with listening copies for evaluation.
You can also opt for our DPP service. This is a digital format that duplication factories can use directly. It is becoming the standard way for transferring the material onto glass masters, as there are no errors produced compared to Gold master cds.

Can i attend the session?

Our sessions are unattended. This keeps the cost down for our clients.
We encourage clients to send us clear instruction as to their mastering needs. Track listings, edit requirements, fades and any other client suggestions need to be sent with the original material, or via our Contact page.
If you require an attended session, please phone for booking details and allow at least a weeks notice before the session.

How long does the process take?

Please allow 2 to 3 days for cd singles, EPs and up to a week for albums.
We will spend the required amount of time making sure your tracks sound the best they can. If required you can download the mastered tracks for evaluation.(please note they will be high quality mp3s and have a test tone or sample dialogue at some points in the track to distinguish it as an evaluation copy) The final master cd/DPP will only be released once full payment has been made.

Can i preview your service before deciding on getting an album mastered?

Yes. We can master one track of your choice and upload it for you to evaluate.
Please note that this will be the same as our evaluation copies (mp3 with test tones in various places) This way you can check the mastered track on a variety of systems before committing to a decision. This only applies to album projects.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Paypal payments and the following credit cards (via Paypal):


Follow this link to make a payment:

Why should we use Sonicmastering?

Because we are a small independant company who are striving to make mastering affordable to everyone. Unsigned bands, songwriters and anyone on a tight budget. We appreciate the last thing you want to do after you've blown your budget on a good recording studio, is to have to shell out loads more for high quality mastering. We have tried to price our services to suit the budgets of most unsigned bands out there. (Major Labels please phone for separate rates).

Beacause our engineers are friendly, helpful, and have many years of experience in the Professional Audio Business. They also have great ears! We hope you will agree :)