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Welcome to Sonicmastering, online audio mastering
An affordable, professional quality online alternative to expensive analogue mastering studios. We cater for a market that is underrepresented in the mastering world.  That market is unsigned bands, artists and producers who don’t want to pay the earth, but expect quality, even in mid budget projects.  We are a fully digital studio, and can accommodate  a wide range of musical styles. Our engineer Rik Dowding has over 25 years experience in production, recording and mastering, and understands the often turbulent processes that creative people experience...

Mastering from £45.00 per track
Stem Mastering from £15 per stem
Multitrack mixing from £30.00 per hour
Digital Audio Editing from £25 per hour
Audio Restoration services from £25.00 per hour

Highly Experienced Engineer and Fast Turnaround

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