Sonicmastering was started in 2008 by Rik Dowding, a sound engineer working in Bristol. Having spent many years recording bands and attending mastering sessions at various professional mastering houses, he realised there was space in the market to cater for bands/labels on a smaller budget. Online mastering was still in its infancy and digital audio was becoming easier to transfer. Most of the big mastering houses were offering deals to unsigned artists, but they were still too expensive for most. Unfortunately most bands don’t properly budget for mastering their album, and it is often an oversight. By keeping costs to a minimum, Sonicmastering allows those artists the same opportunity to make their music stand up against the best in the professional marketplace, and keep within their budget.
The advent of cheaper, faster internet opens up online mastering to a worldwide audience. We currently have clients in America, South Africa, and Costa Rica to name but a few. This is an exciting time for music and mastering, and the internet is bringing people together to form wonderful collaborations that were unheard of only 20 years ago. We welcome our worldwide clients and relish the unique challenges that each bring. Let us help you with your next project, wherever you are in the world, and let us create wonderful things.